Radio Advertising

National and local spot, Remnant – wholesale and discount advertising packages available for select offers! Host product endorsements, Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck & many more!


TV Advertising

DRTV, Direct response, Terrestrial, Cable, online, local and national – Great rates including remnant deals for some offers. All 50 States – Fox News, CNN. MSNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg TV


Online & Email

Search, Display ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Google and website advertising such as Drudge Report,, Breitbart etc. Dedicated opt in email lists and DDM data also!


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Top Talk Radio

Top Radio Talk Show Advertising Rates

Top radio talk shows are listened to by millions of Americans. Interestingly, adults listen to 104 minutes of radio per day, 12.2 hours per week. More Americans listen to the radio than use Facebook. Radio reaches 92% of adults in the U.S. every week.

To succeed and achieve high ROI from your advertising efforts you must learn the secrets of radio from those who have paved the way!

Radio is a medium listened to in some form by over 90% of the US Population on a weekly basis. Advertising rates on a CPM basis are unbeatable in terrestrial radio and online streaming formats such as iHeart radio, PodcastOne, Pandora and many more! But if you want results from you radio advertising, you need to stick with “Live” active listening audiences, especially if you need results for direct response advertising or political advertising.

If you want to win with your radio advertising campaign, call us for a free consultation. 888-449-2526. Host endorsements and remnant deals available for some advertisers.

77% of listeners would try a brand or product endorsed by their favorite radio personality.

Here are the shows we recommend you advertise on for local market, statewide or national ad campaigns!

The Sean Hannity Show Conservative talk Premiere
Marketplace Financial news APM
All Things Considered Newsmagazine NPR
The Dave Ramsey Show Financial talk Self-syndicated
Morning Edition Newsmagazine NPR
The Mark Levin Show Conservative talk Westwood One
The Glenn Beck Program Conservative talk Premiere
Coast to Coast AM Paranormal talk Premiere
The Mike Gallagher Show Conservative talk Salem
Delilah Adult contemporary music Premiere
The Hugh Hewitt Show Conservative talk Salem
BBC World Service Newsmagazine APM
The Savage Nation Conservative talk Westwood One
The Dana Show Conservative talk Radio America
The Thom Hartmann Program Progressive talk Westwood One
The Jim Bohannon Show Talk radio Westwood One
Fresh Air Newsmagazine NPR
The Joe Pags Show Conservative talk Compass Media Networks
Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! Panel game show NPR