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Hallmark Channel Advertising Rates and Costs – Remnant DRTV Ad Rates, too! | 888-449-2526

Hallmark ChannelHallmark Channel Advertising Rates

The Hallmark Channel claims more than 85 million people watched one of its channels during November and December last year. Hallmark easily won the ratings race among female viewers during the holidays and was even able to rival powerhouse channels Fox, ESPN and Nickelodeon at times for overall household viewership. Advertisers are also flocking. During the Christmas season, more than 80 million people watch at least a few minutes of a Hallmark movie, according to Nielsen.

Most weeks in November and December, Hallmark ranks as the No. 1 network among the advertiser-friendly demographics of women 18-49 and women 25-54.

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The Hallmark Channel can bring amazing results by increasing visibility, ROI and customer engagement. For advertising cost and ad placement, call now! 888-449-2526. TV advertising at wholesale and remnant rates, for local and national ad campaigns, political advertising, issues advertising and branding campaigns too.

Family Values and clean programming has created a home for this unique blend of great TV and movies that appeal to the masses. The audience for morally straight TV shows is increasing viewership and revenues at The Hallmark Channel and the world of television viewers and advertisers find this appealing. The Hallmark Channel is an amazing advertising platform –  not only beneficial to the bottom line – but advertisers also appreciate that there is nothing like the controversy and pop culture product that has infested many of the main stay networks of today! Thank You Hallmark for programming we can actually allow our children to watch.