Radio Advertising

National and local spot, Remnant – wholesale and discount advertising packages available for select offers! Host product endorsements, Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck & many more!


TV Advertising

DRTV, Direct response, Terrestrial, Cable, online, local and national – Great rates including remnant deals for some offers. All 50 States – Fox News, CNN. MSNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg TV


Online & Email

Search, Display ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Google and website advertising such as Drudge Report,, Breitbart etc. Dedicated opt in email lists and DDM data also!


ABOUT Ho Hum Media, Inc.

Ho Hum Media, Inc.Ho Hum

Ho Hum Media Incorporated began the journey in 1993 with 3 base clients,, The Phonics Game and Swiss America Precious Metals.

Ho Hum  is a 30 + year old media, marketing and advertising company specializing in both local and national advertising. Radio, TV, print, online, display and outdoor, as well as new media, such as the many social media platforms that have become “essential” to any successful advertising and marketing campaign. We are a respected ad agency and media buying company representing top tier radio talk shows, television, podcasts, host web sites, websites in many genres, magazines, and newspapers.

We partner with media and publishers in all 50 States and Canada with close contacts and friendships offering marketing and advertising platforms for every medium known to the advertising and marketing industry. Please let us show you what we have to offer! Ask about special management programs for Google display, ad words, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube and other social media advertising platforms. We partner with amazingly successful people who can make it happen for your offers on social media by laser targeting potential customers by utilizing  a multitude of demographics, meta data, behavioral and interest based information with a modern psycho-graphic approach.

Here’s an idea! Increase closing ratios tenfold with our “talk radio style interview” made into a YouTube video. Share the interview by email link to the YouTube location, or play it at a sales presentation to do your work for you. A radio interview is a non-threatening way to communicate the benefits of your product, service or idea. Make the sales process more like a 3rd party referral. Guaranteed to increase closing ratios.

Ho Hum has had 30 + years of successful campaigns. Rates and costs for 30 and 60 second ads with TV and radio. Let our experience be your advantage! Radio, TV & digital advertising, and Internet Radio. Contact Commercials & Ads for the best rates. Call 888-449-2526.   Fill out the contact form. Fast reply.