Radio Advertising

National and local spot, Remnant – wholesale and discount advertising packages available for select offers! Host product endorsements, Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck & many more!


TV Advertising

DRTV, Direct response, Terrestrial, Cable, online, local and national – Great rates including remnant deals for some offers. All 50 States – Fox News, CNN. MSNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg TV


Online & Email

Search, Display ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Google and website advertising such as Drudge Report,, Breitbart etc. Dedicated opt in email lists and DDM data also!


Standby Print

Standby Print Rates

Standby and Remnant for your media marketing and advertising campaign. Get great deals on magazine and newspaper advertising.  Call 888-449-2526 for free quotes on rates, avails and strategy. Check out our list of magazines and newspapers that offer these amazingly below wholesale rates to our clients and advertisers.

Link to lists here:

Remnant Print Magazine Rates (List)

The Christian Science Monitor
The New York Times
USA Today
The Wall Street Journal
The Washington Post
The Washington Times

A. Magazine
The Advocate
American Atheist Magazine
The American Spectator
The American Weekly
Ami (magazine)
Ann Arbor Observer
The Atlantic
Audrey (magazine)

The Beachwood Reporter
The Best of Times (Shreveport)
BLK (magazine)
Border Observer
Brain Blogger

Charlotte Jewish News
Chief Executive (magazine)
Christopher Street (magazine)
Coalition chronicle
Columbus Monthly
The Comic Bible
Community Development Digest
Confederate Veteran
Confidential (magazine)
Current Literature

The Diplomatic Courier
The Duplex Planet

Editor & Publisher
El Nuevo Cojo
Electronic News
Emerge (magazine)
Europa Magazine
The Exception Magazine

Farm World
Financial Advisor (magazine)
Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper
Free World (magazine)
Freedom (magazine)
Friends Journal
Frontiers (magazine)

H (magazine)
Harper’s Magazine
Hellenic Journal
High Plains Journal
Hispanic Link
Human Events

In These Times
Insight on the News
The Intercept
International Socialist Review (1900)
The Islamic Monthly

The Land Report
Left Turn
Life (magazine)
Link (magazine)
Local iQ
Look (American magazine)
Los Angeles Times Magazine

Media Monitor
Milwaukee Magazine
Mine Safety and Health News
The Minnesota Independent
Modern Farmer (magazine)
Mother Jones (magazine)
Multichannel News

National Review
The New Islander
The New Republic
New Times (magazine)
The New York Times Magazine
The New Yorker
Nommo (magazine)


Pacific Magazine
The Pen & Quill
Perspectives on Work
Policy Review
POZ (magazine)
Providence Monthly
Public Eye Magazine
Publishers Weekly
Purple Clover

Racing Toward Diversity
Red Herring (magazine)
The Reporter (magazine)
Review of Reviews

San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center
San Francisco Chronicle Magazine
San Jose Mercury News West Magazine
The Saturday Evening Post
Saturday Night Magazine (U.S.)
Science Daily
Sepia (magazine)
South Florida Gay News
State Magazine

Telugu Naadi (magazine)
The Texas Observer
Time (magazine)
Transsexual News Telegraph
The Tridge (magazine)
Turk of America

Varsity View Magazine
Visions Metro Weekly

The Week
The Weekly Standard
Whistleblower (magazine)
The Wilson Quarterly
World (magazine)
World Press Review
The World Tomorrow (magazine)

The Yale Review